Welcome to my page!

My page is designed to be a place for golfers to find expert information about the world of golf. Whether it be for their next big purchase or some tips on finding the fairways. My goal is to provide trustworthy reviews of clubs, gear, clothing and tips that helps you become the golfer you wish to become.

My name is Sean and I've had a passion for golf ever since my dad brought me out for my first golf game when I was 10. I graduated with a BBA in 2019 with a love for marketing, so I figured I'd merge two of my favorite things in my life.

Why the name Fairway Shepherd?

Another love in my life has been my dogs, two of the three dogs I've owned have been a German Shepherd. Which is where I got second part of my name from. A definition of a Shepherd is "Give guidance to (someone) or direct in a particular direction. At the end of the day, I hope I can be of some help at getting the golfers that visit my website to hit more fairways. That's how I came to the name of Fairway Shepherd.

*Disclosure* Some of the links you click on may provide me with a commission. If you choose to buy something. This will be at no added cost to you, I'm solely reimbursed by the direct seller. If you find my content useful and it helped you make your decision on your next purchase I appreciate you using my site to find your next favorite toy not to tell your spouse about.

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