Review Time: Callaway Epic Max LS

Nov 27, 2021
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Callaway Epic Max Ls

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Today we will be talking about the Callaway Max LS Driver most notably used by PGA pros like Xander Schauffele and Jon Rahm.

"The advanced aerodynamic head construction promotes lower drag for higher head speed. The taller ribbon and flatter crown are built for a precise, more aerodynamic shape that can help golfers generate more speed".

The new Epic Max Ls is designed to mid-low handicappers, players that want more speed but also lower spin, and found that there's more of a fade biase.

Look: The Epic Max LS has black head with green highlights throughout. It features and adjustable weight at the back for better playability and has some unique markings the create better speed. On the face of the club, it has it's sweet spot clearly marked. On the top of the club, it has a shinier carbon look with some slight Callaway original features and streaks down the side. Overall, it's design for me wasn't the most innovative or eye popping.

Look= 3.7

Feel: The reason I chose the Epic Max LS out of all Callaway models is that i found that the sliding weight makes this driver the most fade capable driver thanks to it's 13g weight providing 14 yards of shot shape correction. It also seemed to be the longest and most playable of the other models. Overall, when I came through my driver when I hit I noticed a lot of speed and even more forgiveness than most.

Feel: 4.6

Distance: I really enjoyed hitting this driver off the tee, I found that with the large head it gave me confidence when coming through the ball. With lower drag creating higher head speed and lower spin it was a nice driver to swing.

Launch: 12.3 Ball speed: 163.1 mph Rotations: 2248 Carry: 284

Distance: 4.6