Review Time: Cobra Radspeed

Oct 21, 2021
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Today we will be talking about the electric Cobra Radspeed. Used by Rickie Fowler and the infamous Bryson DeChambeau, the Cobra Radspeed is notoriously known for its low spin and radical ball speed. I'm going to based my opinion based on three sections: 1. Look 2. Feel 3. Distance.


Look: Cobra is always a brand that tends to standout out in the look department. With their new designs, bright colors and seasonal limited editions. This Radspeed is no different, the bottom of the club has a futuristic design, two separate radial weight options and bright colors. The top is matte black with a classic "C" down the middle with the top and the bottom have two sleek strips. The only thing, I'm not high on with this is the highlighter green/yellow color, other than that this passes on all marks in my books.


Look = 4.25

Feel: With the Radial weighting system, you can adjust it to optimize YOUR swing, this is very beneficial to making your swing feel as smooth as possible. Now for the golfers with a little higher of handicap 12+, I'd recommend spending some quality time at the driving range to really dial into where you need the weight to be, in order to fit your swing. Now one thing I noticed with the RADSPEED is that it has a sharp sound coming of the club when you hit it. That feature is definitely up to the golfer whether they like a sharp sound or a muted one when striking the ball.

Feel =4.6

Distance: I found with the cobra I was underwhelmed with the distance mostly because their marketing bases a lot of effort on distance. I've tried numerous drivers out and find that they all end up roughly within  5 yards of each other. Unfortunately, the cobra ended up on the lower end for me. The one thing to mention though, with the weighting system I found the consistency to be higher than most other clubs.

Launch: 13.4 Ball Speed: 161mph Rotations: 2102 Carry: 283

I felt very in control of this club which was really nice, however with a lower spin limit it can cause control to be a problem. Overall, I was very comfortable swinging this and would recommend it.

Distance =4.1



+ Smooth Swing

+ Radial weight system

+ limited edition packages

+ low spin

+ fast ball speed

+ price


- Distance less than expected

- basic neon club color

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